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Au Is The New Blue

Gold is the new blue, haven’t you heard?

Gold is remarkable in so many ways.

Did you know that gold is the only metal that is golden in color? Like autism, it is unique and does not mind standing with courage in solidarity. My world is all extraordinary, and gold is also remarkable in strength and beauty.

Au is the periodic symbol for gold. Likewise, Au symbolizes Autistic pride. Gold comes from the Latin word “aurum” which means “shining dawn”. My middle name is Dawn, and I will shine my light for all to see. Autism is a light for all those who are willing to see. Those who see will be changed for good.

Gold is quite malleable. It is used to being hammered into plates and stretched into fine thread. Most autistics are malleable as well. The neurotypical world is a mold of sorts. My Autistic self does not fit their mold. I can be stretched but will never compromise who I am.

I am autistic.

I am intelligent.

I am worthy of respect and the same opportunities as my neurotypical peers.

I am here.

Gold is noble and resists degradation. It is nonreactive. Autism is not a world problem. A tragedy we are not.

We are scientists.

We are doctors.

We are musicians.

We are human beings.

April is Autism Acceptance Month. Take these days to get to know someone who is autistic. Spend time with them. You will be changed for the better.

Listen to our voices. Mine wants to make it known that autism is a blessing in disguise. Having heard from so many of you, my heart is full of much gratitude and hope. Love my family. Love my Hirsch friends. Love my neurodiverse life.

Please subscribe to my blog if you haven’t done so already, and I encourage you to “Light It Up Gold” this month and all year round. Seeing gold is a beautiful reminder of my future.

It is luminous and bright.

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