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God, Are You There?

(In Celebration of SHINE Sunday)

God, are you there?

I open my mouth to speak to you.

Grunts and loud noises fill the air.

Can you hear me?

I cry out in my mind.

Please let me speak.

I am trapped in here.

In a silent room.

God, are you there?

Noises sometimes overwhelm me.

My uncooperative body overreacts.

Eyes look in wonder, disgust, pity and disbelief.

Help me, my Savior.

You made the blind to see.

The deaf to hear.

Surely - surely, you can help me now.

Darkness enters like a thief in the night.

Like starting a fire, the embers begin to flicker.

In and out.

Dim and bright.

And suddenly—like His love —

The light overpowers the darkness.

My God, there you are.

I see you.

I see you in my Mom’s smile - like sunshine on my face.

I see you in so many things.

In so many ways.

SHINE is God’s gift to me.

Love to give you a picture of how this ministry has changed my life.

My Autistic world is so challenging.

My mind is fully present while my body loses control.

With SHINE, I can worship without “shushes” and stares.

I can be who God made me to be.

He doesn’t make mistakes.

He gave me spiritual gifts to use for His glory.

SHINE inspired me to give my whole self to Him.

Through baptism - through my personal decision to let Him in -

I will never be without my guiding light.

His voice whispers, “I am here.”

His hand reaches out to me time and time again.

Without judgment.

Without looks of pity.

With love, acceptance and forgiveness.

His footprints lead me on.

God, I see you.

You are there.

God will always be there.

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