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Can Anyone Hear Me?

Hi, it’s me in here.

Can anyone hear me?

My body moves without permission and grabs all attention from my brilliant mind.

Grunts and loud utterances fill the air.

All eyes see a body uncooperative and miss the girl inside.

Reactions are grand.

Can’t you see?

I am in here.

It’s me.

A girl who dreams of tomorrow where inclusivity is a given not something we seek.

A person who so wishes she could be truly seen for who she really is.

An Autistic advocate who has so much to offer to this divided world.

A child of God made for such a time as this.

Can you hear my voice?

Bravely, boldly it cries out.

I am funny.

I am intelligent.

I am kind-hearted and empathetic.

I am living with courage and hope.

Look harder.

Love deeply.

Take a chance.

Embrace differences.

Can you see me?

I am here.

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