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By definition, it is a person connected to another usually by common interest.

Being Autistic, making connections can be challenging.

Add apraxia and limited speech to the mix, it is almost impossible.


Lots of silent, misunderstood people with autism out there in this broken world.

I found my voice - aka my letterboard - when I was six years old.

Many are still voiceless.

On days when I ask God why–

I lean into Him and think of my purpose.

What I believe my purpose is.


To create more opportunities for those with disabilities.

To continue writing so more will understand.

To bridge the gigantic gap between my world and yours.

To connect us as one—so it is no longer my community.

It is ours.

Connections School of Atlanta is my new home away from home.

Hirsch gave me strong roots.

CSA is now giving me independence and confidence to grow.

To reach for the sky.

I will keep reaching.

I will never stop working.

I am sitting outside on my deck with my Mom writing this now.

She knows my thoughts.

She knows my heart.

She really knows me.

Until all can experience this.

Until all find their voices.

Let’s keep going.

Keep moving forward.

Until we are connected as one.


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