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Friends Forever

Last week, this world lost a gentle soul with the largest heart.

My Hirsch classmate and dear friend, John Paul Ingram, passed away without warning.



Loving friend he was to so many.

So many questions.

How is this possible?

Why Lord?

His smile I see.

That laugh - unforgettable.

Someone I looked up to --- literally.

Lily was his love.

His mom, Libby, like so many of our moms...

Working endlessly.

Loving unconditionally.


Fighting for our voices to be heard.

I am heartbroken.

Almost breathless at times.

JP - it helps to think of you smiling and laughing and loving in heaven.

Free and home.

Libby - we love you and your family.

JP's words will live on.

This community holds you so tightly now.

We will forever be friends.

We will forever be family.




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