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Here's to 2023


New Year’s Resolution time.

Get those Nikes out.

Lululemon - my workout favorites.

Weight is literally weighing me down - mentally and physically.

Our bodies need movement.

Mine more so than most neurotypicals I would say.

My diagnosis makes most motor tasks my own workout regiment.

My speech therapists spent sessions using mirrors so I could see my mouth move.

I really didn’t need a mirror to recognize I have motor issues.

My occupational therapists were so the motor motivators in my life.



So much motor planning involved.

Having to motor plan is like hitting the Waze app 24/7.

Going in different directions, my uncooperative body and mind need a refresh.

Movement is my system’s reboot.

When I am in motion, I can think.

I can write.

I can truly be me.

Exercise is such a game changer.

ReClif is Reece Blankenship’s vision into reality.

With the right supports in place, goals can be achieved.

My goals are coming to fruition.

My coach Kyle has my back.

He believes in me.

ReClif - without a doubt - is a life changer.

So this is 2023…

Here’s to more presumption of competence.

Here’s to more visions into reality.

Here’s to finding your strength.

May you find it and may it also strengthen others.

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