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Look With Your Heart, Not Your Eyes

I really love animals. Before I could even walk, I adored them. Family surrounded me with all sorts of books, movies and visits to the zoo. So many days I feel like a monkey at the zoo. Hard really to talk about this subject, but it is so important.

When I leave the walls of my home, it is like a smack in the gut. A lot of people look away. “Don’t stare,” their parents say. Some laugh. A lot of people look intensely at me. “What are you looking at?” my heart shouts loudly. I am so used to this.

I hope I quit getting used to this.

Autism is awesome. However, all I want to do is go live without my disability at the forefront. Family encourages me to be me and live life like no one is watching but let’s get real. Everyone is not only watching, they are staring.

Autism is so misunderstood. Like you to see my mind and my heart instead of my body. The brain-body disconnect is hard to describe. My mind is present fully; however, my motor plans have a mind of their own. Like you to imagine going to a live concert and playing a guitar against the band. A mess, wouldn’t you say? That is what my mind and body go through every single day.

All that being said, we can work together to make change happen. Look with your heart and not your eyes. This is not easy to do. Nothing amazing happens without acknowledgement of truth. The truth is it is easy to be comfortable. Step out of your box. Take a chance. Flip the script. Love one another as He loves you. I believe all people want to be loved and really respected. I want that. Autistics are people too.

Please use my words, my actions, my courage to speak about this tough topic to learn and grow. When you see someone who is unique, please smile, say hello. Use it as an opportunity to make this world great.

All things are possible. All things will get stronger and better. All things are up to us.

Will you hear my voice?

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