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Love Is

February is usually a time to reflect and show others how much they are loved.

I love immensely.


I believe many think Autistics are incapable of feeling various emotions. The brain-body disconnect is a conundrum. I can be laughing on the outside while my heart is breaking on the inside. Hard for people to understand life with autism is meaningful, unpredictable and beautiful all wrapped up in one large package.

Have you ever wondered how labels impact human beings? Many so-called experts refer to me as nonverbal. Verbal means—with words. I have been blessed with an enormous amount of words in my mind. I prefer the term —minimally speaking. Speech is motor-driven. Apraxia is a motor hardship that makes speaking difficult. I am nonspeaking if you must put a stamp on it. I am growing stronger in purposeful speech every single day. Family and school make my goals a priority. Having a strong support system is happiness personified.

Severe. Mild.

Autism is not a degree of spice in salsa.

I am a human being with feelings and really so many words.

Words do matter.

My life matters.

“Love is patient. Love is kind.”

I challenge you to love with your words.

Photo Credit: Payge O'Shea

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