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Misconceptions and Misunderstandings

My name is Julia. I am really so much more than my body allows me to be. I am mindful of the world around me. Let me shed some light on how my brain and body refuse to cooperate. Lots of my behavior is my brain not in sync with my motor plans. So many see my body. They hear my noises and think I am not present. Quite to the contrary.

I am intelligent. I am really a lot of fun and lots of my interests are the same as yours.

I am here.

My life goal is grand. I really want people to accept me for who I am.

Autistic minds make this world more inclusive and beautiful.

Won’t you hear our voices for a more kind way of life?

Misconceptions. We all have them. Would you agree? Have you ever thought something to be true but it wasn’t? I am very familiar with this notion. Autism lends itself to not only misconceptions but lots of misunderstandings. Let me share a few I have experienced first hand.

People think I am not listening all the time. They believe I am not present. I am used to people talking over me instead of to me. Family keeps me grounded. I so wish the world could really understand I am here. I am like them, only autism uses me differently.

I have gifts one might not realize. Autism gives me gifts I would not otherwise have, I believe. God made me unique in mathematical understanding. I can see numbers very clearly and distinctly. Solving mathematical equations in my head is second nature to me. I used to have all this in my head - not anymore. I spell and my life is for the better because I am released from so much silence, so much pain, so much freedom is mine now.

Now I am ready to share myself with others. Many believe Autistics cannot feel like so many others can. My heart loves immensely. It is capable of breaking too. My feelings matter. I am human, worthy of acceptance and respect. Hopeful my words will make positive change in this world.

Please include those who may not be like you. You both will reap the benefits from it.

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