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My Brother Will

Brother-sister relationships can be complex in a neurotypical world.

Add autism to the mix and it intensifies the complexity of sibling dynamics.

My brother, Will, is my best friend and go-to in time of need.

He is my little brother.

Although sometimes, I am the little sister.

At least –that is how the world sees it.

He is my person.

All that being said, life is hard.

Relationships with neurotypical individuals are really challenging.

By no fault of his own, Will is a SUPERSTAR.

He is living his best life.

I am his biggest fan.

I am in the stands silently cheering him on.

Sometimes I watch with so much sadness in my heart.

He is laughing with friends, running with ease and speaking his mind.

I love my brother.

I so wish I could yell at him.

I wish I could shout “shotgun” to call the front seat.

I wish I could have his back - the way he has had mine.

I remember one day someone said:

“What’s wrong with your sister?”

He didn’t miss a beat and replied:

“Nothing. God made her and she’s awesome.”

Like a Marvel superhero, he is my greatest rescue.

Will is more like my Mom - looks like Dad - with lots of humor like Aunt Julie.

His heart is his greatest gift to the world.

He’s been advocating for me since he was able to speak, writing his own story - My Sister Julia.

My Mom shares this with her students.

It is my hope it will be published one day.

Will - you are my hope for this world.

Having an Autistic sister will require armor.

Stay strong and be courageous.

I am very proud of who you are.

You are, without a doubt, what the world needs right now.

Will - love you so much.

Sibling relationships are worth it.





They are worth it.

They are worth the tears.

They are worth the laughter.

They are worth the sadness.

They are worth the love you pour into them.

I have my brother to show for it.


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