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My Soul Is Free

Spelling has unlocked my soul.

When I was very small, sounds filled my head. My mom would sing and speak to me, “You are my sunshine. My only sunshine. Please don’t take my sunshine away.”

My sunshine has always been there.

When I was 2 years old, I watched Sesame Street. Words and letters spoke to me. Love reading so much! Family plays a huge role. Using books - audio and human made - and using my technology have made a world of difference in where I am today.

When I was in pre-K, I had to have lots of therapy: speech, OT, much therapy! All for the best at that time.

Imagine please really having so much to say. Lots of thoughts. Lots of feelings. My mouth opens. Sounds erupt - like lava coming out of a volcano. My heart implodes, “I am here. Trapped. Rescue me.”

Hirsch opened the door to spelling to communicate. So grateful to my Hirsch family. They knew there was more - so much more inside me.

I started motor work - intentional motor work. Letter boarding takes so much motor control. The spelling is there. The practice is crucial. Training your brain is not easy. Lots of time, patience and supportive partners really all help this process.

My parents make my life purposeful. God is my rock. Family strengthens me when I am struggling. When I am spelling, my soul is free. Years of guessing what I wanted and who I am. wind blowing leaves far away. They, like me, soar very high - up and down - never forgetting where they came from.

My soul is free.

Free from moments of silence, lots of pain and my life is finally my own.

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