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The Power of Words

Words are important.

They have indescribable power.

My Mom collects Rae Dunn mugs and has them on display in our kitchen.




She selects words as inspiration for the day ahead.

It’s the little things that sometimes mean the most.

Words - so many words in my head.

So many speechless words with no place to go.

My mouth opens to release them.

Sounds erupt like lava out of a volcano.

Like a marvel or a spectacle of sorts.

People look intensely.

What are you looking at?

Words can break your heart.

Being Autistic, I have heard my share of hateful comments.


Severely Autistic.



Waste of Space.

“Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.”

Not so much.

While I could go down a dark path, I am blessed to have so many directing me towards the light with words of love, hope and encouragement.

Words can lift you up onto the highest mountain’s peak.

There the view is spectacular.

No worries.

No judgment.

Only peace.

Words of kindness whispered like a distant melody.

So harmonious.

Learning to spell to communicate opened the gate to my world of silence.

Words are now my own.

With that privilege comes responsibility.

Responsibility to share respectfully with grace and dignity.

With my disability, many of my senses are heightened.

Listening is my super sense.

I hear so much.

I hear people who are listening to speak instead of listening to understand.

While my heart longs to speak, my life with autism has benefits.

Spelling to communicate is sometimes a blessing in disguise.

I must work intently and with care before I make my words reliable and share them with others.

Mindful spelling.

Mindful speaking.

Wouldn’t it be something if we were all more mindful of our words?

Words have indescribable power.






Words really do matter.

Use them for good.

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