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Speed limits.

Mathematical limits.

Limits can be helpful.

In mathematics, the limit is the value that functions approach so the output can reach the given input value.

So important in calculus and mathematical analysis.

A world with limits can keep us safe.

Speed limits are an example of this.

I shudder to think of streets with impatient drivers having no restrictions on speed.

My life is limited in what many think I can’t or shouldn’t do.

I very much have a brain-body disconnect.

My mind - without a doubt - is all present.

I hear.

I listen.

I understand.

My body is like a trapeze artist having gone rogue.

It can be erratic.

It can be dangerous.

It can be calm.

Limitations dance in my mind.

She is going to need care her whole life.

College? How would that even work?

She can’t.

She won’t be able to.

Limits are walls.

They are the naysayers.

Sometimes I feel like Elphaba in Wicked.

My Aunt Julie says she thinks of me when she hears the song - Defying Gravity.

“I’m through accepting limits

Cause someone says they’re so

Some things I cannot change

But till I try, I’ll never know.

My future is unlimited.”

I have been accepted into Connections High School.

I am about to tear those walls down.

With every swing of the heaviest mallet, I am closer.

Closer to flying.

Closer to defying gravity.

With every hug from my Mom.

With Will holding my hand.

With words of support from my family.

With Autistic self-advocates boldly paving the way.

With faith, hope and love in Him.

I will be unlimited.

And nothing will bring me down.


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